Acute Injury Service

Acute Injury Management For Hands And Upper Limbs In Wollongong

MEND Hand Therapy provides an urgent care service for those who have experienced an acute injury for upper limbs.

We will ensure all urgent cases are seen on the same day or next day to facilitate appropriate early management of acute injury.

You can avoid long waits in ED and optimise early injury management.

No referral is required to attend MEND Hand Therapy.

In your first session, custom thermoplastic splinting can be fabricated to provide appropriate immobilisation – keeping the injury safe and preventing further complications. This early intervention will optimise your long-term outcomes.

Your Hand Therapist can refer directly for US, Xray and MRI if required, and then determine appropriate further management.

Your Hand Therapist will determine if further review is required by a hand specialist and can assist in organising appointments for specialist care if required. We can also assist with referral to Sydney Hand and Eye Hospital.

Following acute management, your Hand Therapist will lead you through your recovery with treatment including splinting, early ROM exercises, followed by graded strength and rehabilitation exercises.

We will be with you from day 1 until full recovery.

Acute injury care services are available for injuries such as fractures, dislocations, sprains, ligament injuries, crush injuries.

Acute care service is also available for urgent post operative care.